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4th Edition of Getting started with Spring Framework now available

I'm pleased to announce availability of Getting started with Spring Framework, 4th Edition.
4th Edition is updated to cover enhancements and new features introduced in Spring Framework 5.0.1.

The book contains 88 sample projects to help you develop real-world applications using Spring Framework. You can download the samples from here:

Post your question/feedback on the book to the following :!forum/getting-started-with-spring-framework

The book now includes information on how to develop reactive applications using RxJava 2, Reactor 3.x, Spring WebFlux (new module introduced in Spring 5), Spring Data, Spring Security and
MongoDB's reactive Java driver. To simplify understanding reactive programming paradigm, a chapter on Functional programming in Java is also included in the book.
New chapters in the book are:
-> Functional programming with Java
-> Reactive programming with RxJa…